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But, you can grab an invite if you want to help out...
  • If you are a CICCC Student, send us an email with your Student I.D number and once verified, we will send you an invite.
  • If you are Staff @CICCC.ca – simply send us an email from your Staff account and we’ll get you set up.
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Every Ending, is a New Beginning

Hey Everyone, thanks for the wonderful journey over the last few years

Ya know, as I’m writing this today I realize that it’s been over 6 years since I got involved with CICCC and almost 2 years since I was involved in an ‘official’ capacity as a teacher – yet, I am more busy now than I was then!

– howย did that happen? ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

I never set out to teach and I still do my thing, as do many of us; but it’s been a large part of my life for a while now – our little ‘homebrew‘ club that started out with a few rogue students, teachers and mentors – who enjoyed helping each other out and doing projects, to something that was too big to manage but still many wanted to do, even outside of the college.

This little society of ours though, got a little big – and had to change – but an ending, is a New Beginning…

So, I welcome you to the NEW & IMPROVED CICCC HomeBrew Club, which is now known as The Academy

Click through the slides to learn more!


Homebrew Club Online, relaunched as ‘The Academy’
with Online LMS and Social Network.

To celebrate Cornerstone’s 42 years, a few of us at the Homebrew Club figured, wouldn’t it be great, if we had an online home of our own, just like the bigger colleges?


Sure, we have Facebook, Slack, Instagram, You Tube and all that ‘jazz’, but it’s all third party stuff and social networks, not really, a ‘community’.

We’re missing something…

Wouldn’t it be great if…. (and a thousand ideas came from everyone).

Get Your Invitation!

We are not launched yet, but you can still join and help shape things as they develop!

Everything you see here was put there by someone very likely close to you, or likely someone you know, or have met at the college or at one point studied or was a teacher at the college.

  • ie: Maybe a teacher wrote content, made a video, a student helped out. Someone in a UI-UX course did some stuff on the frontend to get some practice, while some web developers helped out just to get their hands dirty.
  • The mobile developers rising to the challenge worked on Android and IOS apps while the PHP and Node developers work on backend api and database things.
  • The Network Admin’s helped build the Cloud, while the business model, store, shop, monetization of the LMS and Social network and segmentation of the college (into different demographics with different needs and wants) came from Digital Marketing and Business, Hospitality and Customer Service, backed by Developers & Marketing and defined our feature set.

Do you want to help out and leave your mark on the shape of things to come?

If you are Staff, a Student, a Teacher or a Mentor who engages with CICCC – past or present – You can click the button below to get started!

Our 'Club' @ CICCC.xyz

CICCC.xyz are a Volunteer Run ‘Club’, ‘Society’, ‘Organization’ that consists of Teachers, Mentors and Students who through mutual collaboration and support work toward improving our education, opportunities and our personal and professional networks.

We evolved out of a small group of Teachers, Students and Mentors who initially just volunteered time to offer extra support, create extra content, do some extra classes – a group who came together to support students who needed it, or wanted more.

Over time, more and more joined and over time, people came and went – we decided that now was the time to make something a little more permanent and better organized.

Today, we are a Non Profit Organization who exist to support our members – both through the Online Website, Community Network and Forums and through interactions over Google Classrooms and at the CICCC Tech Campus.

    • We are not CICCC.ca and not affiliated with them.
      Cornerstone is an Accredited College and their website is https://ciccc.ca

      We are Teachers, Ex Teachers, Students and Graduates of CICCC and Mentors who do a bit extra to support our students @CICCC and peers in their industry. We do it for fun, for growth into the future.
    • Our Primary Goal is to support CICCC.ca and other Students and to Cultivate a Healthy Environment for Education, Personal Growth, Collaboration and Seeking Opportunities.

What's Coming?

New Location (bringing it back to CICCC), New Classes (to be announced), New Content (recreated for this platform) & New Faces (some you know, some you don’t)

At the moment, we’re working to build out the content for the various parts, so while the website is online – it’s not ‘quite’ ready yet and registration is closed or invite only.

Online LMS

Our Online LMS is created in line with the course structure at CICCC.ca

We offer additional content, materialย and access to tools, software & services for each diploma courses in:

  • Customer Relations
  • Hospitality Management
  • International Business
  • Web Development
  • App Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Digital Marketing

These Courses are Exclusive to CICCC.ca students!

Physical and Virtual Classes

When our Online LMS isn’t enough

  • Join an online class with your peers via Google Classrooms
  • Join us at the CICCC.Tech Campus

We allow time for One on One and Group Based classes

  • Classes may be run by Teachers, Students or Mentors
  • Classes could be Practicals, Experimental, Project, Challenges, Hackatons, GameJams
  • Ask for specific topics or a focus on your areas of interest!
  • Find out what others are interested in!
  • Take on something you didn’t know before!

All the material from our Google Classrooms will be made available on GitHub too!

Let's Get Connected

Join ‘The Academy’ – CICCC’s Homebrew Social Network

Get to know your fellow staff and students, get to know the teachers and engage with mentors.ย 

  • Join or Create Groups
  • Create, Like, Follow Pages
  • Visit the Marketplace
  • Get help in the Forums
  • Write an Article
  • Fund or Get Funded for Something
  • Video Calling, Voice Calling, Timelines and News Feeds

We won’t sell your data to the highest bidder. This is a private network, for Teachers, Students and Mentors.

Online Store

Starter Packs, Cool Merch, Random thing’s that we think is either Useful, Interesting or Weird!

Stay Tuned!

Our Online LMS

Explore a range of courses or create your own on our powerful learning platform.

  • Intuitive Course Builder
  • Engaging Features
    • Quizzes,
    • Assignments,
    • Progress tracking

We try to make it easy to take and create courses online.


Elevate your teaching skills with our platform's powerful Course Creation Tools.

  • Create Course Modules
  • Build on Existing Content
  • Make Free or Monetize, it's up to you!

Everyone is encouraged to create!

Become Part of a Class

Gain access to personalized learning and connect with like-minded individuals right inside CICCC.

We will

  • Run Various Classes and Courses
  • Introduce Additional Skills and Topics
  • Work Together

Enjoy features such as file sharing, discussion forums, and feedback from instructors to make the most of your learning experience.

Join us In-Person or Online

Designed to facilitate learning & encourage collaboration among students and teachers as peers.

  • Github Backed Material
  • Google Classrooms & Physical Classes
    • Join Virtual Online
    • Mix it up between both
    • One on One - if you need it
    • Group Based - if you want to
    • Topic Based - if you prefer

Become Part of the Community!

Join our community of learners and educators to gain access to a wealth of educational resources and connect with like-minded individuals.

Our platform's built-in features:

  • Discussion forums,
  • Social media integration,
  • Group activities

We want to foster engagement and motivation in your learning and career journey.

Join Our Social Network

Our community is dedicated to supporting learners and educators in their pursuit of knowledge.

Designed to Facilitate Collaboration and Engagement

  • Create and Share your own content
  • Run your own activities or projects.

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